Our services are available to everyone. We are extremely flexible and competent in design and manufacture, and in using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) technology for wind tunnel testing.

FondTech's customers are mainly car manufacturers and teams competing in worldwide motorsport championships, including Formula One, DTM, Le Mans, various GT series, NASCAR and many more besides. 

FondTech's expertise and skill has recently been employed in other areas requiring wind tunnel development – within and outside of motorsport – including karts, motorbikes, wind turbines and bicycles, which utilise our ForcePad technology. Our facilities can be tailored to a growing number of mechanical, industrial and civil engineering applications, where the effect of wind plays a significant role in design.



FondTech has successfully collaborated with the Tyrrell, Benetton, Minardi, Renault and Caterham Formula One teams, Audi Sport's LMP1 projects, Opel and HWA-Mercedes in DTM, AMG-Mercedes' FIA GT programme and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series squad Furniture Row. FondTech also manufactured full-scale aerodynamic upgrades for Volkswagen-powered F3 cars that participated in the F3 Euro Series and British Formula 3 Championship.

In 2006/7, FondTech was contracted by the now-defunct Grand Prix Manufacturers Association (later known as the Formula One Teams Association) and subsequently the FIA, to define new aerodynamic concepts for F1 cars in order to improve their overtaking capabilities. This study, during which close-racing conditions were simulated through wind tunnel testing with two 1:4 scale models, eventually resulted in the FIA publishing fully revised technical regulations for the 2009 F1 season.


Caterham F1

From:                     2012

To:                         2012

03 cust f

Team Lotus F1

From:                     2011

To:                         2011

03 cust h

Lotus Racing F1

From:                     2011

To:                         2011

Lotus and FondTech in F1 for winning

Renault F1

From:                     2002

To:                         2006

FondTech provided aerodynamic consultancy to Renault F1 Team

2005 F1 World Champion -- 2006 F1 World Champion

Audi Sport

Le Mans

From:                     1999

To:                         2010

FondTech and Audi togheter for24h  Le Mans competition

Le Mans 24hrs LMP1 winner: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010

AMG-Mercedes (HWA)


From:                     2006

To:                         Present

FondTech and HWA for DTM championship

DTM Champion 2006, 2010


Formula 3

From:                     2008

To:                         2009

Formula 3 championship with Volkswagen

Forniture Row


From:                     2007

To:                         2008

FondTech offers aerodynamic advice in Nascar too



From:                     2001

To:                         2005

FondTech was with Opel in DTM championship

Benetton F1

From:                     1997

To:                         2001

Aerodynamic consultancy in Formula 1 for Benetton Racing Team
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