Bicycle Testing - ForcePad

ForcePad is FondTech's new system and has been purposely designed and built for non-motorsport customers.

ForcePad represents FondTech's entry into the road cycling market, with many leading road and track bikes increasingly tested in wind tunnels for detailed performance analysis. ForcePad is a force-measuring platform used to accommodate full-scale road bikes and riders in FondTech's wind tunnel. The system measures the force of drag acting on the bicycle and cyclist at various wind-speeds and yaw angles.

Because ForcePad is marketed to both amateur cyclists who want to validate their aerodynamic posture as well as professional racing teams who constantly look at methods to improve their athlete's performance, its range of applications is huge. Furthermore, ForcePad can also be used in developing the shape and geometry of frames, wheels and accessories in order to reduce drag.

ForcePad has been entirely developed by FondTech, and has been designed through a process using CFD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Construction techniques are similar to those in motorsport, with composite materials and precision engineering techniques such as CNC frequently used.

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