FSAE/Formula Student Testing

FondTech offers all teams competing in Formula SAE/Formula Student design competitions the chance to test their creations in one of our state-of-the-art wind tunnels at an affordable cost, while the same amount of technical expertise afforded each team also ensures a level playing field.

The Proposal

FondTech's services are available as a basic package, which includes one day (10 hours) of wind tunnel testing as well as support from an experienced aerodynamicist (although extra testing time is available). These services are offered at an extremely low price, far lower than the commercial use of a similar specialist facility. 

Wind Tunnel Testing

Ordinarily FondTech would build scale models for test purposes, but in the case of FSAE/FS full size cars are run on the 3.5m x 2.3m rolling road, which produces more reliable data. A maximum wind speed of 30m/ps represents the actual speed reached on track. Ride height settings, both in a straight line or with varying degrees of yaw, can also be tested, allowing the team to collect comprehensive information required to analyse key parameters in aerodynamics. These include cooling, drag, downforce, balance, pitch, yaw (up to six degrees), roll (up to two degrees) and the car's sensitivity to various ride heights. Any cooling measurements require the addition of pressure taps to the bodywork. 

Getting Started

A certain amount of groundwork needs to be carried out by the team in order to prepare their car for testing. One of FondTech's designated team supervisors will collaborate and oversee any changes that need to be made, while confirming the test schedule once they're satisfied with the team's preparation. The team will provide a suitable fixing for the internal balance used in the test. They're also expected to bring the car to FondTech's premises on the agreed day and will autonomously manage the session with assistance from a FondTech supervisor. 

Car's CAD model courtesy of WHZ Racing Team (UAS Zwickau)

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