The Design Office collaborates with each of FondTech's technical departments, providing all-round assistance and mechanical solutions for aerodynamics, structural and electronic applications.

The Design Office mainly supports aerodynamicists in designing the model's master surface, and releases each model's relevant Computer-Aided Design (CAD) information to the workshop for manufacturing.

As each of FondTech's wind tunnels are built in-house, it is also responsible for assisting the wind tunnel department in the initial study, development and final release of the model's instrumentation parts (including load cells and active suspension), as well as in the testing and design of equipment (wheel struts, main struts and moving belts) and general wind tunnel updates.

As many customers are interested in establishing cost-effective partnerships, the Design Office also liaises with the client's design team, while maintaining a flexible approach that's suitable for both parties. The Design Office uses Catia V5 Workstations, while the team is also proficient in Pro-Engineer software.

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