Wind Tunnel Testing

FondTech's three wind tunnels were originally designed for the automotive sector, but are easily adaptable for use in a wide range of areas, including industrial and sporting purposes, where aerodynamic testing is vitally important. Whatever the application, we're willing to help you solve any problem in our first-class facilities.

Scale Model Automotive Testing

Having three wind tunnels means FondTech can simultaneously provide high-performance automotive manufacturers with our services. The FT2 and former Aerolab tunnel are suitable for 50% and 60% scale models, while our original facility is used for lower-budget programmes and non-automotive purposes.


Bicycle Testing

ForcePad is an exclusive platform designed by FondTech for the road bicycle market and sport teams. ForcePad is a force measuring system specifically created to accommodate a full scale road bike and cyclist in FondTech’s Wind Tunnel test section.

The ForcePad platform, the wind tunnel and the riders work in synergy for recreate the original “on road” condition. The system will be able to measure the drag force on bicycle and cyclist at given wind speed and yaw angle.


FSAE/Formula Student Testing

FondTech offers to all Teams competing in FSAE/Formula Student events the chance to test their race car in one of its state-of-the-art automotive wind tunnel facility at an affordable cost.



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